FitPro Engine allows you to;

  • Set up Facebook ads integration
  • Create Funnels & Landing Pages
  • Set up email automation
  • Start email marketing
  • Send Text messages & calls
  • Access conversations from your social media
  • Create your Website
  • Use FREE Website hosting
  • Create and Host your Courses & Membership site
  • Create products & accept payments online
  • Set up your Booking Calendar

Regular: $197 per month

Special: $99 per month

Funnels / Sales Pages

Replaces Clickfunnels save $99 per month

Email Automations / Marketing

Replaces Active Campaign save $50 per month

Text Message Marketing

Replaces Active Campaign

Website CapabiLity / Hosting

Replaces Wordpress/Wix save $50 per month


Replaces Zapier save $30/ month

Course Hosting Platform

Replaces Teachable save $97 per month

Calendar Integration

Replaces Calendly save $20 per month

Integrates directly to FB lead ads


Regular: $199 per month

Special: $99 per month


"Before FP Engine I was trying to use a few different platforms to manage my marketing channels - each of them costing me money and being so complicated. Add that all together with the fact that they didn’t talk to each other - my marketing machine came to a standstill (I was still paying for all these platforms). FP has been a game-changer for me, simple to use, great support, and everything just works seamlessly. Plus I am paying 20% of what it cost me. Month $99 spent - over $2000 earned and many, many hours saved."

Paul Timms

"I signed up for Fitpro Engine nearly a year ago to have access to all the tools I needed for website and landing page development. What I love most about Fitpro Engine is its user-friendly software. I can do email marketing, CRM, a funnel builder, and pipelines Fitpro has everything I need all in one place. I would recommend Fitpro Engine to Personal Trainers and Bootcamp instructors to keep your business more organized and have everything your need in one place."

Alexander Elliott

Regular: $199 per month

Special: $99 per month

Fitpro Engine has the ability to track ROI and Leads in a pipeline and it has become even easier through our advance built-in Pipeline Manager Where you’ll be able to track status such as appointment, campaign effectiveness and even response rates and sales cycles.